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Free access, 24 hours a day, 53 hot spots – the network is specially for those who visit Braga – it is all over the historic centre and in some other places around the city. Look for the network and connect at WIFI BRAGA – on your portable device,  a simple registration is required, you only have to do it once – name, email, create a password, country – then you’ll be ready to log in using the username and the password.

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Ruas, ruelas, becos, vielas, travessas e praças in Braga

Wandering across Braga will inevitably lead us through streets, alleys, alleyways, lanes, bystreets and squares – their names, Braga is a religious centre, honour almost every saint, bishop, archbishop or clergyman who somehow deserved such distinction.

Of course the most interesting ones aren’t in such category: Rua do Matadouro / Slaughterhouse Street and Rua do Raio / Thunderbolt Street are certainly in the top-ten, many of them had their names changed, having lost their link to the past, the very first reason for their names!

Here some more imaginative examples: Rua do Pulo / Jump Street ; Rua do Sol / Sun Street; Travessa da Taxa / Tax Lane; Rua dos Carinhos / Caresses Street


Braga Cathedral / Sé de Braga

The city of Braga is Portugal’s most important religious centre – you’ll be amazed at the number of churches and how close they are to one another – spend some time here and soon you’ll notice the weight of ecclesiastical power even today, expressed  through many religious festivities.
Braga Cathedral – Sé de Braga can be reached walking along the city’s large pedrestrian area – the monument presents different architectural styles – Romanic, Manueline and Baroque – of diversified historical periods.
Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to listen to one of its two impressive Baroque organs, which are in front of the High Choir, one of them has 2400 pipes, some immersed in water.


braga cathedral

A coffee and a Portuguese custard tart | Um café e uma nata | Braga

Really there’s no valid explanation for this addiction: you can have one without the other, it won’t be the same I assure you, together they are a caloric bomb, just the kick you need to get things done! At the café you can simply order: um cafèzinho e uma nata, por favor!

um cafèzinho e uma nata, por favor!