Bananas for Christmas in #Braga

What would you think if spending Christmas in Braga you came across all these people just before Christmas Eve?

I think this perspective from PatrickDoodtFilms might come closer to your reaction…

Tip: When in Braga, do as the Bracarenses do!

S. João de Braga: the day after

Braga celebrates its patron saint in the most peculiar way. The city honours São João, the feasts come from pagan times, it’s time to celebrate the summer solstice, expect dancing, eating and drinking and fireworks and I mean lots!

Tip: there’s always the day after if you dislike insane popular gatherings, then the city will look even more peaceful, slowly awakening from the turmoil, walking along it will feel even more pleasurable, people will be nicer and early breakfast tastier!

Vinho Verde Fest Braga 2016

Vinho Verde is only produced in the northwest of Portugal. It is impossible to make it in any other part of the world. This wine characterizes by its lightness and softness, freshness, a slight acidity and is lower in alcohol. It is a wine whose best qualities show when it is still young, unlike the old saying “the older it gets, the better it becomes”.
It is superb in the Summer, it goes well with fish, seafood, white meat and salads.

vinho verde fest 2016

Tip: from 10 to 12 June the festival will take place at the heart of the city, Avenida Central, the event where you can taste more than 100 different brands from all the sub-regions