Braga: a thousand reasons to brag about!

Tip: There’s a lot more than some images on a video – it’s hard to focus when temptation comes in so many different ways, live it, you won’t forget it, ever!

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Early Sunday walk on Monday post


I couldn’t post the photo yesterday – I only took 3, my son warned me “you’re always taking pictures“, and they’re not very good, I thought to myself! The morning was slowly developing into a clear sunny day, and warm as well! My favourite kind…

Tip: Early Sunday mornings make you feel like you’re alone in the streets (most of the people were tourists heading to their buses for a tour), all the night wreck is still pretty visible, mainly near the most wanted battlefields (bars, pubs, esplanades). 😀

SC Braga: unconditional love


Going to all football matches might not be enough – declaring unconditional love, day and night, making it a clear and unquestionable proclamation!

Tip: the Municipal Stadium of Braga is worth a visit, it was carved from the face of Monte do Castro, known as the Quarry, it is the home pitch of Sporting Clube de Braga.