Bananas for Christmas in #Braga

What would you think if spending Christmas in Braga you came across all these people just before Christmas Eve?

I think this perspective from PatrickDoodtFilms might come closer to your reaction…

Tip: When in Braga, do as the Bracarenses do!


Rua do Souto | Braga

Rua do Souto  is the most traditional commercial street in Braga – dates back from 1466 – it headed to the ancient Braga castle – the tram lane no 1 went through it for decades – nowadays the street is closed to all traffic – people can stroll along it, and if they are into it – buy some religious souvenirs in one of its many shops.
A shop – Casa das Bananas – calls our attention, a closer look at its window intrigues us – dare to go inside and taste a Moscatel de Setúbal and a banana from Madeira – hours before Christmas Eve thousands of Bracarenses do exactly the same, making it almost impossible to enter this typical tavern.