Braga: a thousand reasons to brag about!

Tip: There’s a lot more than some images on a video – it’s hard to focus when temptation comes in so many different ways, live it, you won’t forget it, ever!

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Tradition says …


Nearly four dozen places of worship, the largest young population and one of the oldest and traditional towns in the country explain a bit of how marriage has become a real industry around here. From May to August, brides and grooms invite their deerest ones and celebrate their marriage. They choose a monastery, an old church, even the Sé of Braga, a historic farm or hotel, there’s plenty of wedding venues, Wonderful food & drink, a lovely scenery, historic places attract people from all over the place, those who still believe that tradition says

Tip: If you ever consider marrying around here, your most serious problem will be the decision, planning it is a piece of cake around here!

Braga Cathedral / Sé de Braga

The city of Braga is Portugal’s most important religious centre – you’ll be amazed at the number of churches and how close they are to one another – spend some time here and soon you’ll notice the weight of ecclesiastical power even today, expressed  through many religious festivities.
Braga Cathedral – Sé de Braga can be reached walking along the city’s large pedrestrian area – the monument presents different architectural styles – Romanic, Manueline and Baroque – of diversified historical periods.
Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to listen to one of its two impressive Baroque organs, which are in front of the High Choir, one of them has 2400 pipes, some immersed in water.


braga cathedral

A stadium under a quarry | AXA Stadium | Braga

The stadium was built inside a quarry – it is now as famous as Braga Cathedral or Bom Jesus – its architect was Souto de Moura, winner of the 2011 Pritzker Architecture Prize – “the Braga Municipal Stadium, Portugal, designed in 2000 is muscular, monumental and very much at home within its powerful landscape” according to the jury citation.

It is a must-see, to get there take bus 5 at Avenida Central III, heading Quinta da Capela, step out at S. Martinho (Estádio) – you can schedule your visit for a guided tour.

Coordinates: N 39° 36′ 14.8536″ , W 8° 25′ 9.231″ 

All photos: wikiarquitectura