Ginger and the Ghost | Livraria Mavy | Braga

Australian musicians and visual artists, Ginger And The Ghost, have transformed imagination into song. Hiding away in a converted cement water tank studio in the northern New South Wales hinterland, Ginger And The Ghost found the freedom to create. Driven by the idea of writing and recording in a spontaneous way, they utilised whatever tools were at hand to shape their sound. From bicycle wheels to body percussion, their music is driven by instinct, intuition, and an innate sense of trust in each other.

Whether it’s through seeing the videos, hearing the music or experi​encing the live show, Ginger And The Ghost will draw you into their creations with their striking imagery and visual​-music style.

in Soundcloud

June 18th, 22h, at Livraria Mavy – Bar Galeria – Rua Dom Diogo de Sousa, 133. Free entrance.

ginger and the ghost


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