Chapel of Our Lady of the Tower | Braga

1755 was a tragic year for the capital city, the Great Lisbon Earthquake, caused serious damage to the port city, the earthquake generated a tsunami, it is calculated that the waves reached six metres high, and fires burned for six days after the shock. It was November 1st, All Saints’ Day, a large part of the population was attending mass, the churches couldn’t withstand the seismic activity and collapsed killing thousands of people.

Escaping from such tragedy, Braga, 300 km up north, could only thank God for having been left undamaged, this Chapel of Our Lady of the Tower built on Santiago Tower, next to one of the doors through Braga’s Wall, is the expression of Braga’s appreciation for having been saved. It is really worth a visit, you can get an excellent view of the city up in the tower and a permanent exhibition about the history of the town – a useful tip about this particular tower bell would be: unless you wish to test you ears, avoid being near the big bells when they start ringing :D.


3 thoughts on “Chapel of Our Lady of the Tower | Braga

  1. wafflemethis June 13, 2015 / 11:14 am

    Great photo😊😊

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