Doçaria de S.Vicente | Fidalguinhos | Moletinhos

This place is as old as 1829 – you should look for it if the word sweet is important for you – of course if you wish to call the various sweets by their names, you’ll get in trouble: tíbias, fidalguinhos, moletinhos, pederneiras, rosquinhas are hard enough to say – a good tip would be – point at them and taste, take some to go with you for a late night snack. You won’t regret it! Remember moletinhos are seasonal sweets: they will be there only if it’s St. Vincent’s Day (January 22nd), Our Lady of Light Day (February 2nd) and Father’s Day (March 19th).

HOURS: Every day from 08:00 to 20:00. Weekly off: Wednesday


GPS: N 41º 33’24.94″ / W 8º 25’9.51


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